Update on Bin Collections 26/04/20

Here's an update on refuse collections from Doncaster Council

Update on Green Bins

There has today been an update shared on the council social media channels in relation to the collection of green bins, please see below

So we genuinely think we’ve seen the words ‘green bin’ more than the word ‘coronavirus’ over the last few weeks on this page.

We understand people's frustration at the postponement of green bin collections; we’re local residents too and are dealing with the same issues at home. We know with us all staying at home and the weather being so good, we’re spending more time in the garden!

But we wanted to explain further the reasoning behind the difficult decision to suspend green bin collections and to answer some of the questions we’ve been asked a lot:

Why have you postponed green bin collections?

We are collecting more waste and recycling – the same amount we do every Christmas - so our black and blue bin collection services are working flat out to deal with it. This has only been made possible by temporarily suspending green bin collections which are not part of an essential service, as the government has given ‘green waste’ the lowest priority of all the services. To complicate things further, we do not have as many crews out collecting – this is simply due to physical distancing rules or staff self-isolating when showing any coronavirus symptoms. We have as many crews out as we can.

Why can’t you alternate between blue and green collections?

To put it simply – it doesn’t work like that. *Refuse wagon nerd alert* The recycling vehicles are split body (70% dry and 30% glass compartments). They are not the same type of wagon and designed for different collections – it is not one size, or in this case function, fits all. If that was a solution, then we would have already put that in place, but it is not. Again, the government has given ‘green waste’ the lowest priority of all the services, so we’re concentrating on blue bins for now until the pressures of the situation we are in start to ease.

So will I get a refund on my council tax if you’re not collecting my green bin?

Garden waste collections are not a statutory service, so technically green bin collections are actually provided at no direct charge to Doncaster residents. Many other local authorities charge extra for the collection of any garden waste. We are aware that some other councils are still collecting green bins, but of the (estimated) 40% of local authorities still collecting them, a large portion are due to it being a PAID service (and therefore need less staff & vehicles).

So why are HWRCs also closed?

The decision to close the HWRCs was made for the safety of both staff and visitors, as sadly many people refused point blank to adhere to the physical distancing measures staff were trying to implement. The sites also became extremely busy which meant the roads leading to the site became gridlocked, leading to accidents and the police being called. Due to the workforce numbers being so stretched it isn’t possible to implement any sort of ‘booking a time-slot’ option as some have suggested. It is still possible to book a bulky waste collection however: https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/doitonline/disposable-bulky-item-collection

Collection of Bulky Items

As said above, Whilst the Household Waste Recycling centres are closed you can arrange a bulky items collection. There has been a pricing change in relation to the collection of bulky items, whilst the sites are closed. Full price collection is now £17 from £36 and the lower priced for those on benefits is now £8.50 instead of £17.