Stu's Sunday Night Quiz

Here's the first of a regular feature prepared exclusively for us by Stu the Quizmaster, it's

a Sunday night quiz you can do with you family or on your own. This week it's a mixed bag of questions. Answers are at the bottom, no cheating!

1) Which capital city is the highest in the world?

2) Which European capital is the highest in Europe?

3) In which European capital city does the Parthenon stand?

4) Which city is the biggest city in the world?

5) Which city stands in both Europe and Asia?

6) What is the name of the fictional Edinburgh Detective in the Ian Rankin novels?

7) What is the name of the Ghost that lives in the Boys toilet at Hogwarts school of Wizardry & Witchcraft ?

8) Which war is depicted in the Ernest Hemingway novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” ?

9) Who wrote the novel ‘Ivanhoe’?

10) The film ‘Get Carter’ was based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but the novel on which the film was based, a different town was used. Which town was it?

11) What is the First Horse racing Classic of the year?

12) What is the last Horse Racing classic of the year?

13) Which two Football Teams play at St James Park?

14) What was the name of the Argentine International who played for Sheffield United?

15) Which Golf course is regarded as the Home of Golf?

16) When was Conisbrough Castle Built?

17) Which building used to stand on the site of Crookhill Park Golf Course and what was its purpose?

18) In which decade of the 8th Century was St Peters Church in Conisbrough built?

19) In what year was the Cadeby Mining disaster?

20) What was the name of the actor who lived at Conisbrough Station and what Bond Villain did he play?


1) La Paz Bolivia, 2) Madrid Spain, 3) Athens Greece, 4) Tokyo Japan 37million, 5) Istanbul Turkey, 6) John Rebus, 7) Moaning Myrtle, 8) Spanish Civil War, 9) Sir Walter Scott, 10) Doncaster 11) 2000 Guineas, 12) St Leger, 13) Newcastle United & Exeter City, 14) Alex Sabella 15) St Andrews, 16) 1190, 17) Crookhill Hall Sanitarium, 18) 740’s

19) 9th July 1912 20) Donald Pleasence, Ernst Stavro Blofeld


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