Post your photo and win a prize!

The Doncaster Photography Project are working with Well Doncaster to find out about the health and well-being, digital life and financial life in your area by asking people to post photos that best represent these things. Share a photo with them and tell them what it represents for you.

There is a Prize Draw so post your photos on your local group:


Don't forget to photograph safely. • Maintain social distancing while photographing and be considerate of other people • Be aware of trip and slip hazards while you are taking your photos If you are taking photos of people • Always ask permission if you are taking photos of people who could be identified • Always ask parent’s permission if you are taking photos in which children can be seen • Don’t take photos in places where people would normally expect privacy such as GP’s waiting rooms etc • In closed public spaces such as a community centre or pub, announce that you will be taking photos and if people don’t want to be included, to let you know. • In an open public space like a park or shopping street, try to avoid taking photos where people are easily identifiable.

Good luck and we are looking forward to seeing your photos.