If you Cycle or Walk in Our Area, Are you encountering Problems?

Sheffield City Region want to know what you think about:

Junctions and crossings – do cars, pedestrians or cyclists take priority? Are they easy to navigate? How long are you waiting for?

Footpaths and cycle routes – are they well lit? Are they accessible for people with prams, using wheelchairs or adapted bikes? Do they feel safe?

Accessibility – can you travel safely using a wheelchair or adapted bike? Can you travel safely if you are visually impaired? Can you travel safely if you have mobility issues?

Your commute – do you use multiple modes of transport to get to work? They want to hear about your experiences. Do you regularly take your bike on the train? Do you walk to the bus stop? Tell us about your journey.

Pavements – are pavements wide enough for buggies and wheelchairs? Are dropped curbs fit for purpose?

During the Covid-19 pandemic they are inviting new and existing users to add comments where trial infrastructure could be placed to support active travel.

New comments can be where it is difficult to maintain social distancing, or where you are making longer trips by active travel.

All the existing comments can be toggled on from the map key in the top left of the map. These have already been analysed as part of the Active Travel Implementation Plan which will be published soon.

Click on this link: https://cyclewalkscrmap.sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/