Here's the first Conisbrough & Denaby Councillor Update of 2021.

Conisbrough and Denaby Cllrs Update

Hello Folks and welcome to our next update.

· Covid continues to affect great areas of the UK with various tiers of lockdown. A number of vaccines are now in operation and many more are in Stage 3 trials however, we are still have many months of this pandemic to get through. We give thanks to all of our community for continuing to adhere to the strict social distancing guidelines and also for wearing masks where appropriate.

· The government have decided that the Police & Crime Commissioner, the Mayoral elections, Ward Councillor elections and parish council elections are to proceed and will be held on 6th May 2021. However many people may be able to vote early and by post if they register with Doncaster Council. If you can and wish to do this please do so as obviously the procedures and requirements of what polling stations will need to do will be in a continuous state of planning until nearer the time. Obviously it would be much safer to use a postal vote if at all possible. For all of the people that would like to vote on the day please look out for the instructions that will be coming out in the next couple of months.

· As everyone will have now seen and grown used to the new speed limits on Old Road and the main A630 have been in place for the past couple of months. We hope these new speed restrictions will make a difference to traffic calming in the area.

· As we are still not able to hold our regular PACT meetings our first Community Engagement forum was held on line in November 2020. This was extremely successful and well received and many of our community joined in. Following our second on-line in December we have decided to run a number of these events in 2021.

· We continue to collect donations for our food distribution project. If you wish to make any donations could we please ask that you donate only non-perishable foods i.e. tins/packets/rice/pasta/etc. You can drop any donations off at the Denaby Tara bungalow between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on a Sunday afternoon.

If you have any concerns you can contact me on

Tel: 07514 930425

Of one of your other Cllrs

Tel: 07718 155829

Tel: 01709 326299

Warm Regards and see you next month……

Cllr Ian Pearson