Get Doncaster Moving release resource packs

Get Doncaster Moving have now released 2 new resource packs  to support everybody in being active and looking after our wellbeing.

Both booklets aim to empower all of us to build movement into our day to day lives in the home, without the need for any special equipment or online videos.

About the resources:

1. Staying Strong at Home

This booklet contains a mixture of chair-based exercises and standing exercises that are suitable for those living with long-term health conditions, but can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. It also includes information on how those living with long-term health conditions can get involved with volunteering and find support from local services.

2. PE Parent

This pack has been created by Active Fusion with funding from Get Doncaster Moving and is full of ideas for families to keep active together and entertain children in the home

How can you get involved?

The “Staying Strong at Home” booklet is currently in the process of being delivered to over 17,000 homes in Doncaster, including those who have identified as currently living with complex long-term health conditions. However, we appreciate that not everybody who may benefit from this resource will be on our mailing list, so we would like your help in spreading the word, you can do this by:

· Sharing this email or our social media posts with others: Follow @DoncasterMoving on Twitter or search Get Doncaster Moving on Facebook.

· Downloading a copy from our website:

· Order printed copies for your organisation:

We have extra printed copies of each resource and may be collected by local groups and organisations from The Dome to distribute in the community.

Please note that we have a limited quantity of the resources printed, so we will be taking orders on a first come, first serve basis.

- For the “Stay Strong at Home” booklet, email:

- For the “PE Parent” resource, email:

If you have any questions about these resources, or would like to give any feedback, please contact Hannah Wild in our GDM team: or call 07989717029.