Doncaster Youth Jazz Association Lockdown Video goes Viral!

Doncaster Youth Jazz Association have posted their lockdown video on social media this week and it's gone viral, with over 14,000 views! Here's what DYJA had to say about it.

"You’ve waited patiently and now..... IT’S HERE. We’re excited to share with you our DYJA LOCKDOWN PROJECT!

When a global pandemic stops us in our tracks, breaks up our bands and threatens our collective spirit we don’t sit back and let it happen!

With bucketloads of enthusiasm, willingness to ‘give it a go’ and a learning curve for us all, we’re really proud of what our incredible musicians have achieved.

With special thanks to three people for their voluntary and invaluable involvement bringing this project to life: Stuart ‘Stugger’ Garside for the idea and arrangement, Paul ‘biglad’ Grady for the sound and Tom 'Tommo' Myerscough for the video and HUGE thanks to everyone involved. We hope you enjoy! (And please, if you do enjoy it, share the love)."

Click on the link below to view it[0]=68.ARDW100wSwaiYURbQvC6zSQuTC1Qc-gCGLojtbvMLEc5E_UzvN_To7VmLGZh-WVOjACPD4_dbdK50vtvbkebdmscBXglDd4d2CmgAxIIw4gJVUFc-quHHtyiPvKl89acqW0Y__MxjDJyBKVuOJtsA3JIgyqTlyZpGQpCUeFLcuqM803jPVFqNbhWhlXTds4sYQZfn0VUyM31bz3gKUWaZPKB9Ps-2puw3x9Qn-3H-9lKCX_ste8VybdlKyRFXDTqhdnSN7cgQx3NFyOzgkX0TcSkuxR-d-c6Jqtx8M6WstjmLcBtHTv-ov-QxRKKOERhFh0gCrunkZumdnofpaCUXCEprpD403foKd6PhA