Conisbrough & Denaby Councillors Update from Ian Pearson

Conisbrough and Denaby Cllrs Update

Hello Folks and welcome to our next update. Covid-19 continues to cause problems both locally and nationally however thanks to all of our community for continuing to adhere to the strict social distancing guidelines and also for wearing masks where appropriate. Conisbrough and Denaby has a ratio of below 1 and thus is not being looked at for any stricter local lockdown at this time. I would expect with everything everyone is doing that this should remain the case. The support given to local shops, pubs and restaurants is helping to bring back life to the villages.

· At the moment we are still unable to hold our normal monthly Councillor surgeries. However, we do have plans in place to hold some socially distanced street surgeries in the near future. In the meantime we can still be contacted by the usual methods of phone and emails.

· You may have noticed that council services are slowly starting to pick back up. Grass cutting has been completed in most areas. We have started our litter picking monthly sessions again. A bit shout out to all our volunteers for this. Also the tip is back to its normal opening times.

· After several years of hard work we are pleased to announce that speed reduction schemes on Sheffield – Doncaster Road and Old Road running from Rotherham to Conisbrough dip traffic lights are now coming into force over the next few weeks.

· We are also pleased to announce that Sport England has made an award to Doncaster which includes funding in the amount of £202,000 for projects on the Crags and also £138,000 for the Flower Park in Denaby and these projects starting with the Crags are to take place as the Covid restrictions are lifted and to progress over the next several years. A number of other projects that should have taken place this year have been moved to next year such as the Wildflower planting meadows.

· We continue to lobby for funds in relation to waterways and flooding. It is hoped the government will change its attitude towards these issues!

· We are working with various bodies to have some refurbishment work done at Greys Court in Denaby based upon suggestions made previously by local residents. It is difficult to confirm a direct timescale for this to take place due to Covid but we can say “watch this space” for further announcements.

· Can we thank everyone who has been ringing in on 101 in relation to speeding cars and bikes and any incidents of antisocial behaviour that has occurred within the Ward.

· A number of projects such as the sewing of wildflower seeds have had to be put back due to the pandemic so these will take place now in 2021 at the start of April.

· Since the devastating floods which hit Conisbrough and Denaby on the 7th of November 2019 we have been lobbying hard to ensure that our Ward gets a clear flood strategy and help with flood defences for future events. The Environment Agency is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Kearsley Brook and the River Don. We have as Cllrs continued to raise the profile of the village and it’s issues despite the disappointment of the Governments announcement last month to fund the Environment Agency for flood defence measures outside of our area. We are very pleased to announce today that Mayor Ros and DMBC have listened to our issues and this will mean a threefold strategy for this Ward. 1. Cllr LaniMae Ball will be undertaking consultations with residents from Duftons Close over the next few weeks with DMBC flood engineers around a Imminent flood defence plan and a more medium term plan to secure and alleviate flooding in respect of future flood events. 2. DMBC have agreed to dredge the entirety of Kearsley Brook from Sheffield Road down to Duftons Close to a much deeper depth and this work will start within the next few weeks as permits have been obtained for this to commence. This will include work at The Millpiece. This work is hoping to attract support and funding from the Environment Agency and this aspect is ongoing. Irrespective of help from the Environment Agency this work will be done. 3. Pinch points along Kearsley Brook will be addressed with community based storage points of Hydro Bags. These are similar to sandbags but have a much longer lifespan of up to 30 years. These will be placed in strategically important areas for the community to access if the need arises during a flood event rather than await delivery as we know this was an issue last year. We will work and consult with businesses and the community on this to make sure we have good coverage. We also want individuals in these areas to act a ‘Flood Wardens’ so please email your details to anyone of us if you are interested. We realise that no amount of flood defences or preparation work will stop all flooding but as with last year we are committed to working with the community to alleviate and mitigate this. We are pleased that Mayor Ros Jones and DMBC have listened to our representations and we will continue to fight for the best for Conisbrough and Denaby.


If you have any concerns you can contact me on

Tel: 07514 930425

Of one of your other Cllrs

Tel: 07718 155829

Tel: 01709 326299

Warm Regards and see you next month……

Cllr Ian Pearson