Club Doncaster bring you Home Goals

Home Goals is a brand new, free online campaign to provide a safe way for the community to get active at home. The Foundation have continued to support the Doncaster community wherever possible in leading a healthy lifestyle and this project will make this even easier while also connecting people through a wide range of activities during this challenging period.

In support of Sport England’s Stay in Work Out campaign, Home Goals will ensure the community have a safe way to start or maintain exercise safely and we will be catering for all fitness levels.

The sessions will be inclusive and will come in four levels of intensity, from chair-based exercise to intense HIIT sessions.

Live sessions will be released each week via our YouTube channel as well as developing a Facebook page that will provide participants with the opportunity to access other content and share their own experiences.

This is an adult based programme and however you’ll have access to resources that you can then share or take part in with the whole family (only people aged 18+ will be allowed on the Facebook group).

You can access the channels through the following links:




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