Paul Prendi

Thursday 8 - 9:30pm

Play It Again Sime

Wednesday 8 - 9pm

Phil Crossan

Sunday 7 -8pm

Now where would we be without our resident fire starter Paul Prendi. This is the show you've never heard of featuring his friends half cut Ash, Claire and everyones favourite Alan!

Paul's been delivering good music for over 31 years so he know's what he's doing. 

Not that he's old but he's been in to music since the last time England won the world cup! 


Play It Again Sime is a show for you, from you. Tune in every Wednesday 8 - 9pm. 

Conisbrough born and bred and has bled soul for over 50 years. We think he's got some tracks up his sleeve you've never heard.

Tune in every Sunday 7-8pm for the Conisbrough Got Soul Show with legend that is Phil Crossan. 

The Soccer Shed

Wednesday  9 - 10pm


Tuesday 8 - 9pm

Presented by Wayne Ryalls (ex-SINE FM) and Stuart Steelyard (Stu's Football Flashbacks blog). Every week they'll be delving into the underbelly of 90s football, as well as addressing current topics. The format is simple, it's a game of two halves after all innit? The first half of the show is about modern football dilemmas from a fans point of view, then after the Pukka Pie, trip to the urinal and half time Bovril it's back into the recent past.


Live every Friday from 8pm.

Dave and Caroline are a husband and wife presenting team from Conisbrough.  They have been producing their award-winning music podcast since 2008, and - whilst this is their first foray into local radio - they retain their passion for promoting independent and Creative Commons musical artists.